DAH Solar introduces SolarUnit, the world’s first integrated PV system - PV Tech

2023-04-04 16:30:08 By : Ms. Lily Tan

This unique product brings together the advantages of high-tech microinverters and a full-screen PV module in a globally patented product capable of increasing power generation by 6-15%.

Module and microinverter are integrated at the factory, enabling easy installation of a product combining simplicity and safety by avoiding the use of large quantities of cables and connectors with SolarUnit applying the plug-in connection. A Zener Diode

DAH Solar introduces SolarUnit, the world’s first integrated PV system - PV Tech

In practice, SolarUnit is basically a module with an alternating current output, ready to be connected to the electrical grid. The bus is formed by a trunk cable with spaced tap connectors to allow sequential connection and electrical parallelism of multiple devices.

This integration of modules with microinverters allows for greater flexibility in the design of PV systems, especially for residential usage, with SolarUnit making it possible to install modules in different orientations and with different angles of inclination, following the designs of a roof.

Additionally, each SolarUnit has its own MPPT system, eliminating the problem of power loss caused by partial shading, which can occur in traditional module strings. The product also features the state of the art combination of full-screen technology and 1/3 cut cells.

Full-Screen technology involves manufacturing the module with a front A-side frameless design, which makes rainfall run over the front surface of the module and prevents the accumulation of dust at the bottom.

1/3 cut solar cell technology is a technological innovation that, instead of being based on larger half-cells, uses cells fragmented into three parts. The use of tripartite cells gives flexibility in sizing of a product and makes it possible to increase efficiency.

DAH Solar also offers an energy communication unit (ECU), which communicates with the microinverters through a power line communication (PLC) system,  using the power cable itself to exchange information.

DAH Solar introduces SolarUnit, the world’s first integrated PV system - PV Tech

Mc4 Y Connector The ECU unit allows remote monitoring of the PV system, in addition to allowing the system to be turned off via remote control from electrical devices such as smartphone, PC, or pad.